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Henan’s First Base Cargo Airline Delivered Good Results after One Year’s Establishment

Release date:2020.06.09   Source:

On the 9th, June 2020, 10:30 a.m., a Boeing 737 cargo aircraft from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport landed at Zhengzhou Airport, loading and discharging the cargo, and then took off for Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea; on the same day, at 14:30 p.m., the flight took off in Seoul and took the same route back to Guangzhou. This not only means that Zhongyuan Longhao Airlines Co., Ltd has successfully opened its first international cargo route with "double-base" connecting Zhengzhou and Guangzhou, it also marks the opening of an air cargo channel centered by Zhengzhou and through South China, North China to Northeast Asia, as well as the intersection of east-west air channel of Cargolux’s “Connecting Europe and the United States”, which makes Zhengzhou become a "cross-hub" for air transportation, connecting the North with the South and the East with the West. The international hub status of Zhengzhou Airport has been greatly strengthened, and the air network has become more and more dense.